Gran Canaria

Bodegas Tunte

Bodegas Tunte in Gran Canaria has 35.000m² of vineyards in the privileged region of Barranco de las Tirajanas, Tunte, where we grow the malvasia volcanica, verdello, albillo and Muscat of Alexandria varieties.
Natural land

Winemaking quality

The north-south orientation of its trellis vineyards, in conjunction with the mountain and midland climate, are what give its wines their quality. Grapes from vineyards at a height of 900 m. Our vineyards are internationally categorized as heroic wines due to the height at which the they are cultivated.

Another decisive factor in the quality of the wines of Bodegas Tunte in the Canary Islands is the land – the soil, made of natural earth, contains lapilli around the grapevines to protect them.

Bodegas Tunte is staffed with the best experts and technicians, who painstakingly analyze the entire process until the obtainment of the wine, with the purpose of achieving the highest production quality. The plantation and harvest of the grape is performed manually.

The incomparable beauty of the vineyards of Bodega Tunte are reminiscent of the lush fields of Tuscany. This winery, located at the heart of Gran Canaria, always enjoys a sunny weather, and taking a stroll across its vast vineyards is the delight of visitors.