THE Berode 2015 WINE FROM Bodegas Tunte, Baco de Oro NATIONAL AWARD


A Baco de Oro medal was awarded to Bodegas Tunte for its Berode 2015 wine at the ceremony of the Baco awards, which was held last Monday, 28 June in Madrid.

Berode, the 2015 vintage Malvasia dry wine, has been awarded a Baco de Oro at XXX Cata-Concurso Nacional de Vinos Jóvenes. The ceremony took place at the Salón de los Mejores Vinos de España (Hall of the Best Spanish Wines) of Unión Española de Catadores (Spanish Taster Association).

Bodegas Tunte is the first winery on the island of Gran Canaria that has the honor of being recognized with this award. This year, this wine competition has only given awards in the Canary Islands to Bodegas Tunte, from Gran Canaria and Bodegas El Grifo, from the island of Lanzarote, each of which has received a Baco de Oro.

These awards are known for being a major event in the young wine scene. XXX Cata-Concurso nacional de Vinos jóvenes cosecha 2015 has been held this June, organized by the Unión Española de Catadores (Spanish Taster Association) and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA). It is the only contest that is exclusively open to wines from the latest vintage – 2015 – and is the best benchmark to evaluate the 2015 vintage in Spain. The Baco awards are issued by fifty judges from Unión Española de Catadores, who evaluate all of the participating wines in a strict blind tasting.

Berode is a young, dry Malvasia Gran Canaria Denomination of Origin wine made by Bodegas Tunte. This prestigious winery combines tradition with cutting-edge technology to produce quality wines.

Bodegas Tunte has received other distinguished awards this year. Berode has also obtained a valuable silver medal at International Wine Challenge 2016, competing in London with wines from across the globe. Meanwhile, Oro Blanco de Tirajana was awarded a bronze medal at that same international competition. Valara is the winery’s sweet wine, which has won First Prize in Sweet Wines and the Gold Medal at XXI Cata Insular de Vinos de Gran Canaria del 2016.

Bodegas Tunte, committed to the quality of its wines, is joined by renowned enologist Alberto González Plasencia, who has won prestigious awards in the Spanish winemaking scene.